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Samhil logistics Inc.

Welcome To Samhil logistics Inc.

Our complete safety & Compliance solution providers and preferred Leaders for Business consultation for the trucking Industry. With a track record of outstanding customer services. 

Safety & Compliance 


ONTARIO: CVOR, Insurance, Local Plates.


USA & CANADA: CVOR, IFTA, IRP, Insurance, Carrier Code, PARs, ACI-E Manifest, DOT Number, MC Number, UCR-Resignation, BOC-3, MCS-90, SCAC Code, PAPs, ACE-Manifest.

Authorities renewals

Smart track


Track Smart Fleet solutions are designed to provide innovative and efficient technological solution to the trucking industry. Our telematics platform provides unified smart monitoring solution on a single platform for, ELD, ELD-logs and various types of assets (Truck, Tailor, Van, Cars, Coach Buses, and Dash-cams)
Why choose Track-Smart Fleet Management and ELD Solutions.
• No Control Required.
• Plan options according to needs.

•Great Support

•Affordable Prices

•Apps For iPhone and Android.

• And much more

• Monthly Logbook Auditing
• Driver Hiring/Screening/Discussion
• Establishing Company Policies and Procedures
• Vehicle maintenance, Annual Driver review
• Training - HOS Load Securement, TODG, Dispatch
• MTO/DOT, Insurance Audit Preparation
• Drug and Alcohol Testing, IRP Plates, IFTA Filings
• Applications, Annual Permits renewals
• Border Crossing Transponders

Dry Vans

Reefers & Temp Controlled

Freight Management


AZ Drivers

Owner Operator

What are some of our CORE values?

Our core values are based on basic principles and morals of humanity blended with ethical as well as rational behavior towards approaching our business. First to all, we like to treat everyone around us the way we would like to be treated. Whether it’s a driver, customer, shipper, or dispatcher, we treat everyone with the utmost respect because there are many people involved in getting one shipment from point A to point B. Along with that we have our business values which reflect our philosophy of ‘transporting your needs’.


Our target

Our aim is to offer our clients the best value service, which is comprised of high customer satisfaction and competitive rates. As the transportation changes,Samhil has equipped itself with the resources and staffing necessary to meet the diverse needs of our valued clients. We are also dedicated to building a brighter future for our clients and the communities in which we serve.

Our commitment to quality is our number one priority and we have built our business around experienced and reliable drivers. Our clients are happy with the professionalism and work ethic of our drivers. Samhil Transport has a reputation of our client’s freight being delivered in a safe and timely manner.

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