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Our complete safety & Compliance solution providers and preferred Leaders for Business consultation for the trucking Industry. With a track record of outstanding customer service. 

ONTARIO: CVOR, Insurance, Local Plates.


USA & CANADA: CVOR, IFTA, IRP, Insurance, Carrier Code, PARs, ACI-E Manifest, DOT Number, MC Number, UCR-Resignation, BOC-3, MCS-90, SCAC Code, PAPs, ACE-Manifest.

Authorities’ renewals

Smart track


Our 24-hour tracking team provides proof of delivery to you with easy access to all of you. Develop delivery routes and maintain contact with drivers throughout the day. Monitor any sudden route changes and work with drivers to establish new routes for timely deliveries

Tracking & Tracing

Our Online trucking and tracing tool provides you with up-to-date information about the delivery status and complete shipment history. This way, you can follow your order in detail, shipping or delivery status.


Track Smart Fleet solutions are designed to provide innovative and efficient technological solutions to the trucking industry. Our telematics platform provides a unified smart monitoring solution on a single platform for, ELD, ELD-logs, and various types of assets (Trucks, Tailor, and Dash-cams)
Why choose Track-Smart Fleet Management and ELD Solutions?
• No Control Required.
• Plan options according to needs.

• Great Support

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